Israel Army Girls (IDF girls soldiers)


In Israel it is not a big deal to have a beautiful young woman serving her country in the military. In the states we look at these girls and think this is some photoshoot for cosmo magazine. Babes or not, women have been doing their duty since the founding of the state in 1948. Israel requires all its citizens to be drafted into the army when they reach the age of 18 and it’s one of a handful of countries in the world (along with Norway and Eritrea) that have mandatory military service for women. That means that you are going to see machine guns being held by some Israel Defense Force hotties and i’m all for it. I have no clue how their performance is in actual battle but they are definitely getting trained for more action than just nursing. Check out some of the pictures after the video of Israeli soldiers, men and women, training in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

israeli_army_76a israeli_army_76 israeli_army_73 israeli_army_72

israeli_army_70a israeli_army_62 israeli_army_60 israeli_army_55 israeli_army_52 israeli_army_50 israeli_army_49 israeli_army_47 israeli_army_45 israeli_army_43 israeli_army_37 israeli_army_34 israeli_army_32 israeli_army_30 israeli_army_29 israeli_army_28a israeli_army_27 israeli_army_26 israeli_army_24 israeli_army_23 israeli_army_22 israeli_army_20 israeli_army_19 israeli_army_17 israeli_army_16 israeli_army_14 israeli_army_13 israeli_army_07 israeli_army_06a israeli_army_06 israeli_army_05a israeli_army_05 israeli_army_03a israeli_army_03 israeli_army_02 israeli_army_01b israeli_army_01a israeli_army_01

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