pig eating baby pig

I guess it’s true that pigs will eat anything. Including their own kind. As disgusting as this is…it still won’t stop me from eating bacon. What does that say about me?

Here are five things I bet you didn’t know about pigs:

  1. The heart of swine will pump if placed in a human chest!
  2. . Pigs are genetically very close to humans. The flesh of swine is so similar to our own that if you eat undercooked pig you get all kinds of crazy parasites that live equally as well in our own flesh/brains.
  3. Pig blood will keep you alive if transfused into your blood.
  4. Pig skin can be grafted onto your body, and it will grow there.
  5. Pigs will eat anything, bone included. You probably can tell from the video up there ⬆