Gucci Trolls Us With $380 Swimsuit You Can’t Swim In 😂

Gucci Swimsuit You Can't Swim In


I’m pretty certain fashion execs think their customers are absolute morons and they might be right.  For proof, look no further than Gucci’s $380 swimsuit.  The beautiful high-end one-piece swimsuit features Gucci’s iconic logo across the bust, cross-over straps and has a vintage air to it.


Gucci Swimsuit You Can't Swim In


There is only one problem with this swimsuit, it’s made of 80 per cent nylon and 20 per cent elastane and that means it won’t hold up to chlorine.  The funny part is that Gucci isn’t even trying to hide the fact that you can’t swim in it stating;

“Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine,”

Gucci Swimsuit You Can't Swim In
Gucci even warned customers before purchase.


But despite being a ‘swimsuit-inspired swimsuit’ that you can’t wear in the pool Gucci had the last laugh.  The $380 Logo Swimsuit is currently sold out online. Fashion, I will never quite understand you.

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