Guy Explains How He Found A Way To Comfortably Retire At 39

Tim Stobbs is married with two children, and he retired from his career at 39 years old. How did he do it?! In this video we ask him about the lifestyle changes he and his family made in order to reduce their spending, increase their savings, and invest enough money so they could afford to quit their jobs and live off the interest from their investments.

Tim retired in 2017 and now spends more time with his family, and on hobbies like wine-making, Dungeons and Dragons, writing, and being creative. His wife has recently closed her home-based childcare business and is planning to work for a few more years.

Tim has also started working part time at the local library which naturally raises the question: is he really retired? And the answer we’ve heard from him and other early retirees is that working after you retire is now a choice, so you can choose work that you enjoy, and you can choose to work part time if you wish. So you enjoy your work more, and you have a better work life balance. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!