Guy Takes On Two Men Back To Back And Handles Them Using Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling!

The guy in the video had this to say about the altercation:

Joshua Salas – “This is me fighting those 2 guys i’m not a pro I just practice jiu jitsu when I can no said i was bro their are plenty of people both younger n older that are better then me…. they were instigating to fight and I said no 3 times even let them know I train and they said you train these nuts, so we fought and at the end we were all good. Everyone shook hands and no one got  hurt….I don’t even have a belt but I have tapped out a couple of blues before, and maybe like 3 purples…. plus there really isn’t much jiu jitsu here, more wreslting from my high-school days….”

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