Happy Hump Day: Enjoy The Top 10 Humps In Women’s Long/Triple Jump (((_x_)))

Top 10 Booty in Womens Long/Triple Jump14099715_1050658395048537_1569071015_n

While most people are watching the Olympics rooting for their home country. I spend my time staring at those tight and toned Olympic bodies. Can you blame me? It’s a collection of the most physically fit women on the planet. Take this compilation for example, where our boy MerkinMuffly gives us the top 10 butts in womens long/triple jump. Happy hump day ?

0:01 Ana Peleteiro – Spain
0:14 Kristin Gierisch – Germany
0:18 Keila Costa – Brazil
0:20 Funmi Jimoh – US
0:32 Paraskevi Papachristou – Greece
0:46 Ruth Marie Ndoumbe – Spain
0:59 Ivana Španović – Serbia
1:15 Patricia Mamona – Portugal
1:35 Khaddi Sagnia – Sweden
2:12 Fátima Diame – Spain