Hippy Pulls Knife In A Rage

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Dumb da dumb dumb…

“So a little background information, I was in the right lane on a two lane road. This guy was in the left lane which was merging into mine. After he merged into my lane his lane the second lane turned into a left turn lane. At that time I began to merge into the left turn lane and at the same time this guy in front of me did as well. To me it seemed like he cut me off but i thought nothing of it. Once we came to a stop he held his hand out the window and gave me the finger. In I turn rolled down my window and simply “yelled” out “hey what was that for” (Out of curiosity mainly) The guy said nothing and proceeded to peel out off at the green light where he turned into an apartment complex. At this point i thought to myself whether it was worth pursuing the guy anymore or leaving it be..but I’m 23 and was very curious as to what would happen so i proceed to follow him (which i lost sight of”