How Long Do You Think It Took To Create This Awesome Lego Roller Coaster ?

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This Lego wooden roller coaster is pretty damn impressive. Hit play above and read below to find out how long it took to complete:


This is a pure Lego Wooden Roller Coaster inspired by El Toro at Six Flags. Model is made out of little under 90 000 pieces and took nearly 800 hours to build. It is 6,5 meters long 1,2 meters wide and 1,4 meters tall. It has a 26 meters of track which in reality is about 1200 meters long and 60 meters high. The biggest issue with the track was getting the angles right so it will make it over the hills, but won’t derail. Huge variable wit the functionality is temperature and humidity which affects friction and the speed of the cart.

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