How to dock like a boss



If you didn’t already know, let me explain how you can do anything “like a boss“. All you have to do is add a dash of awesome and a ton of bad ass to whatever it is you’re doing. Brushing your teeth; do it on the top of the empire state building “like a boss“. Taking a poop, do it in the middle of the woods with a wild bear in firemans carry – “like a boss“.  Want to dock like a boss then check out this video.  It was made for AV-OG-TIL a Norwegian NGO, working to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. The aim is to raise awareness around the dangers of intoxication while operating a boat, driving a car, when pregnant or together with children. Docking is an art form best practiced sober. The only thing I got from this video is that there is a cool way to dock a boat and this guy has it down to a science.