Hungarian Camerawoman Fired for Tripping Refugees Trying to Escape Police

Camerawoman Fired for Tripping Refugees

They say reporters shouldn’t try to make themselves part of the story, but perhaps someone should have told the camera crews.
A Hungarian camerawoman was fired Tuesday after shocking footage emerged of her intentionally tripping refugees fleeing police near the country’s border as she covered the crisis for a local news outlet. The incident took place near the border village of Röszke, where migrants and refugees have been stranded for days. Hungarian authorities are struggling to process the large number of people en route to other locations in Europe. Most are trying to pass through Hungary in an attempt to seek asylum elsewhere.
A journalist standing nearby captured footage of a female videographer, seen wearing a blue shirt and face mask in the clip below, intentionally tripping a man running with a child clutched in his arms. The man falls to the ground face first, his child tumbling into the grass.
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