Husband AGREES To Be Driven Around While Naked On Top Of Car As Punishment For Cheating!

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There are times in a marriage when a divorce is probably a smart option. This is probably one of those times. A Colombian man decided to rid himself of all dignity after allegedly agreeing to be paraded naked on the roof of a car as punishment for cheating on his wife. The bizarre footage has been viewed over 100,000 times on Youtube.

The alleged background story is that the man’s wife caught him in bed with another woman at a local motel. He begged for forgiveness, but the scorned wife told him that the only way to save their marriage was for him to accept a humiliating punishment. The cheating husband, identified as one Jairo V., agreed to be paraded all the way from the motel to the couple’s residence in the Chiquinquirá area of Barranquilla. That meant traversing some of the city’s busiest areas, where passers-by had plenty of time to whip out their smartphones and film the humiliating scene, while at the same time making fun of the poor man as he tried to hide his face.

On top of the humiliation the husband was also jailed and charged with indecent exposure and disturbing public order. He was taken into custody and had to pay a $100 fine.