Idiot: Woman Films Herself Committing Multiple Felonies

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This one will be an easy one for police and prosecutors.

A woman in Del City, Oklahoma, was arrested in June 17 after officials investigating a fire at the house next to her own found that the woman’s security camera appeared to show her firing gunshots into the house before firebombing the property.

The Del City Fire Department said they were called to 2317 Becker Place, the address of a condemned home, on June 10 after receiving numerous calls about a house fire. While questioning witnesses, the department said they “discovered that there was an ongoing conflict between neighbors of the house of origin and another neighbor.”

The neighbor, Annie Dunham, consented to the examination of her own security footage. After investigators went through it, Dunham was arrested and charged with Second Degree Arson. On June 24, Del City Fire Investigators filed an additional charge against Dunham of discharging a firearm into a home.

Investigators allege that Dunham fired two shots into the house before tossing a lit towel inside. Credit: Del City Fire Department