Idiotic Polish Model Destroys A 200 Year Old Statue On Social Media

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This is an example of when doing stupid stuff for likes goes horribly wrong.  Julia Slonska is  (or was) an Instagram model out of Warsaw, Poland.  She thought it would be a wise idea to take a hammer and smash the nose a 200-year-old statue.  The internet and humanity as a whole hit our inner DISLIKE button.  Słońska has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after a video of her smashing the nose of a post-war statue in Warsaw received massive criticism online.

Her apology however was too little too late.  Julia has been losing followers steadily as well as some sponsorship she had as an “influencer” (don’t you hate that word).  She has not posted on Instagram since the incident, and appears to have blocked comments on her account, presumably to stop people from criticizing her shocking actions.  As for the statue, it has since been temporarily repaired but the difference is ..well..comical at best…