If $1.2 million Accidentally Ends Up In Your Account Someone Is Going To Come Looking For It!

Kelin Spadoni, a 33-year-old resident of Louisiana, received an accidental $ 1.2 million deposit into her bank account . The brokerage company Charles Schwab immediatly recognized their error and tried to get its money back the next day. There was only one problem; Spadoni had already spent a quarter of the amount on a house and a car. The full story was reported by The Guardian.


She actually thought that it would be wise to spend money that she knew didn’t belong to her?!?

The brokerage firm planned to transfer only $82 to the woman, but due to a malfunction in the program, it transferred more than a million. For about a month, Spadoni ignored calls, letters and messages from the company. Eventually she ended up in jail, lost her job as a police dispatcher and is now facing real time. Not the brightest bulb ‘eh.

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