Infamous Boredom Killer #575

Daily Picture Blend

She must have been fun at parties. So I finally made it in this morning and I already need a drink. Is there any rule on drinking at 8:30am?  Maybe this picture dump will help change my mood…

The magic of bacon continues to amaze

Good Morning (Elsie)

Got ’em

GaGa’s Performance (if you haven’t seen it yet)


You get what you pay for

Today’s B.O.D

We got mission impossible over here

You gotta do what you gotta do

Box Vodka? Where was this when I was in School?

Yes Please

No leash. No worries. Chips will work fine.

Never second guess yourself again.


Sorry You Won’t Ever Be Able To Unsee This

We All know how this ended, now don’t we.


Whose Bar Is It?

This is why I had to block my grandmother

Park it out front

It’s been fun.

Now I gotta beat the street like…

Carpe Diem