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I hope your weekend was as fun filled and hangover inducing as the guy above.  Let’s get this sh*t show started fellas. Enjoy..

funny images32 funny images1Go Dutch. Puck Moonen – Dutch cyclistfunny images31

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They might want to throw that ‘b’ in there next time.

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funny images27My dog agrees with Thor “They’re loud and they freak him out.”
funny images26 Friendsfunny images25 Sh*t happensfunny images18Pretty sure she is looking at ThrillBlender
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funny images20You don’t say

funny images22 Texas

funny images21 This guy is seriously overqualified

funny images24 RIP Grootfunny images23

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Some people just want to watch the world burn

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???funny images17 Good Morning

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funny images3 Peek a Bootydexter origins dexter origins

funny images1 Everyday of my life

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She should definitely purchase those.
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funny images5 damn idaho Idaho sure seems like a blast

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Try not to self destruct this week mates.

Carpe Diem