laugh (23)

Good morning fellas. One more day and it’s the weekend. I hope you have been able to maintain your sanity this week. Remember we are your go to time waster. Enjoy today’s picture dump then go out and kick ass this morning.

laugh (31) Shaq has had bills in his hands before but none worth 78.7 billion.laugh (29) laugh (32) Umm OKlaugh (7)Good Morninglaugh (22)Keeping it real
laugh (1) laugh (2) I miss this showlaugh (3) So they gave all Olympians the same color bags. laugh (4) daily-morning-awesomeness-35-photos-219 Drone attacks are becoming more prevalentlaugh (11) laugh (6) SMH laugh (9) ???laugh (10) A reminder I need to go food shoppinglaugh (18) This guylaugh (19) No wait ..this guylaugh (12) laugh (20) laugh (17) laugh (16) Nothing to see here. Just scroll along.laugh (15) laugh (13) laugh (14) laugh (24) laugh (25) Savage AFlaugh (26)

aBB62orlaugh (34) Sleeping beautylaugh (27) laugh (33)This embrace looks very painful
laugh (21) laugh (30)When I’m asked how I like my eggs.

Grandma has no chill whatsoeverlaugh (5) Unfortunately we have come to the end ..tumblr_ocbtq0x9iv1rxhp3lo1_400But don’t lose control because we shall return on Friday.

Carpe Diem