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Another day, another picture dump. Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving Monday. Now let’s gear up for Tuesday but first enjoy the daily dump..

tumblr_oco0w9h8fX1qfahgfo1_500 Good Morningtumblr_ocprn2btB81rhpn4yo1_500 Good Questiontumblr_ocprmzwNgN1rhpn4yo1_500Don’t laugh too hard. It ain’t easy aging.
tumblr_ocpq8mqRON1rhpn4yo1_500faceswap fail
what-would-you-like It’s a hard knock lifetumblr_ocpq94X6m31rhpn4yo1_500 ? “the devils lettuce” ?tumblr_ocpq96T9x31rhpn4yo1_500 I thought they tasted funnyu-want-some-good-sex Got her37 Suns out buns outtumblr_ocpowiV6KG1rhpn4yo1_500 0ab4688fe598695fe3234bda5e241dc0Man vs Food
tumblr_ocpowgg61S1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_ocofeatW7s1rle9u4o1_1280 He has a pointdont-buy-this-dildo tumblr_o32f60lmJb1v9tv0eo2_1280 daily-morning-awesomeness-40-photos-437-216Mornings are definitely hard
daily-morning-awesomeness-40-photos-437-211 5Nothing makes sense about this picture but It isn’t photoshop or is it??
requiring-women-to-register 11 3a9ad3b0d1b2fc986d878fdd904b89ba Not one f*ck given3 tumblr_ocprn8jhWW1rhpn4yo1_250 2 tumblr_o7hpnuWYif1uqon0vo1_1280 daily-morning-awesomeness-40-photos-437-25 4 1 I feel your pain i-got-birth-control-600x461That’s one way to look at it.
5e310dcafe53f7679cc4edc3c304a87d Have a great one fellas. It’s been real. I’ll catch you mañanatumblr_ocodzi0htH1rle9u4o1_500

Carpe Diem