Infamous Funny Picture Blend #464

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Where did the weekend go? I swear I took one drink on Friday, sat down, stood up and it’s Monday. This madness has gotta stop. I’m voting for the first candidate to insist on a 3 day work week.  While I work out my politics you enjoy today’s funny picture blend:

best-new-funny-pictures-5Good Morning
best-new-funny-pictures-3 Bill Murray Doing Bill Murray Sh*tbest-new-funny-pictures-1 best-new-funny-pictures-2 best-new-funny-pictures-15 Yes, It’s hard out here for a She is winning the fight all by Now that’s a wind upbest-new-funny-pictures-16 Don’t do Some women will try anything to look slimmer – except exercise!best-new-funny-pictures-14 My man!best-new-funny-pictures-13 doppelgangerbest-new-funny-pictures-12 These guysbest-new-funny-pictures-22 tumblr_odps6s96i81rle9u4o1_540
water2 tumblr_odpsvxgveb1rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_odnwdmzhe91rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_odnrkr0plt1rle9u4o1_400 swipe-576x1024 sexy-party-girls-49 Yepbest-new-funny-pictures-20 Close enoughbest-new-funny-pictures-21 True storybest-new-funny-pictures-24 I’m hungry all of a suddenbest-new-funny-pictures-23 best-new-funny-pictures-11 Keep your eyes on the screenbest-new-funny-pictures-17 best-new-funny-pictures-19 tumblr_odppw6py9z1rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_odpjwgt3wi1rle9u4o1_500 tumblr_odojixwer01rle9u4o1_1280 Damn Lowes tumblr_odogqucj0y1rle9u4o1_540 For the sinner on the go. It’s been real

Carpe Diem