Inmates Record Their Escape From Jail ?

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Criminals are not known for their intelligence.  These idiots decided to record their jail break.  The first-person vantage point, taken on a contraband cell phone, shows the daring escape of three men from a maximum-security wing at an Orange County jail and scenes from their days on the run.

The trio, along with a cab driver pressed into transporting them, evaded a statewide manhunt for more than a week before two were captured in San Francisco. The third had turned himself into police.

The video was provided by an attorney connected to the case, not by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, and was clearly heavily edited. It contains voice-overs by one of the escapees, recorded after their capture, giving his version of events and railing against the legal system; pop music as background to their odyssey; news clips about their flight from the law; and — most revealing — the cell phone video of their escape and their time on the run. These guys thought they were creating a new Netflix show.