Insane Woman Breaks Into Impound Lot To Steal Her Car Back And Nearly Runs Man Over! (Video)

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Portland police are looking for this lady after she nearly killed a man. The employee is doing well under the circumstances and was allowed to go home after a hospital visit. Now this woman is probably facing an attempted murder charge on top of her vehicle issues.



Surveillance video from the scene shows a man and a woman arriving at the towing company in a white work van with lettering on the side. The woman crawled under a locked gate to get inside.

About a minute later, a tow truck employee pulls up on the outside of the gate. He gets out of his company truck and appears to be trying to speak to someone through the gate.

Then, the female suspect drives a pickup truck through the gate, slamming the fence into the employee and tossing him several feet in the air. The employee gets up and pounds on the pickup truck’s window, but the woman drives away.

Police said the employee was taken to a hospital with significant injuries, but he’s expected to survive.