Instagram Model Sued For Sexually Assaulting Dog During Photoshoot

Photographer Tony Toutouni is suing Instagram model Deyana Mounira for sexually assaulting his dog Hef during a photo shoot. Tony says the beauty  “began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him.” Tony is suing Deyana for fraud and infliction of emotional distress in the amount of $1.5 million in damages.


In this behind the scenes video of the shoot you can see the model dancing with the dog as he tries to hump her. The dog is huge and when standing on his back legs, is just as tall as the petite brunette.



The model posted the video to her social media accounts even though the photographer asked her not to. Tony says, “I asked her nicely not to post the video of her engaging in Beastiality with the dog as I find this behavior disgusting and wanted no part of it. These “insta models/hos “ need to learn to be respectful. They think they can get away with anything because desperate guys kiss their ass. Now she will learn a hard lesson . She wanted Instagram followers now not only everyone knows she is into dogs but she will be sued. All that Just because she wanted followers . Btw I know she is broke but I will get a judgement and put a lien on even her couch if she has one. It’s not always about the money.”


Model sued for sexually assaulting a dog


In her caption, Deyana says it was the photographer who keep encouraging the dog to jump in her. Tony claims the girl used his dog to get more followers.BTW Hef the dog also has his own social media @Heftheplayboydog and on his page there’s a video of someone instructing the dog to “take her upstairs and f*$! her real good.”


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