Instagram Model Sues Police After They “Forced Her To Strip” In Front Of Male Prisoners (Video)

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Instagram model sues police after cliaming she was forced to strip in front of male prisoners2

Instagram model and Dj Kthe Martinez is making headlines today but not in a way she would hope. The Colombian beauty claims police officers forced her to perform a strip tease, in full view of male prisoners, after she was apprehended for an altercation.

27-year-old Katherine Martinez claims she agreed to take off her clothes because she needed to sit down and officers wouldn’t have given her a chair otherwise. She had a sprained ankle and was also drunk at the time.

According to Katherine: All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body.

Watch the semi-nsfw video below:


Cali Police Commander Hugo Casas has admitted to his officers filming and uploading the outrageous footage but doesn’t believe blackmail was used to pressure Katherine out of her dress.   The officers who posted the footage are said to have ‘deeply regretted’ their actions and are now facing disciplinary and judicial action.


This one will have to play out in the courts. You can see more picture of Kthe Martinez below: