The Real Tyrone gets physical

Pranking people in public seems to get big views on Youtube and Instagram.  Some people build whole Youtube channels around annoying the hell out of the general public. It’s probably not something I would recommend to a young comedian or actor.  I definitely wouldn’t advise you to “prank” someone by walking up to them and exclaiming that you will – bang their wife long d*ck style. That’s definitely not a wise decision in my book but “The Real Tyrone” whose real name is Naphil Hitson does just that. The Instagram star has gained notoriety by doing a skit where he disrespects men and their significant others. He recently tried to approach a group of guys in Philadelphia to pull the same stunt and of course things didn’t go as planned…


He had to know this was not  going to go very smooth. Luckily he didn’t get shot. When the dust settled Naphil posted a long response on Instagram brushing off the incident:

When I’m Tyrone goes wrong, again ???! All that #labordayfood had a ni**a stuffed so I decided to get some cardio in and take a walk! I Always find time to exercise! #fitlife! I’m Prowling through the back blocks of Philly and instead of grilling, these d-boys shooting dice for charcoal money! They ain’t bout that grill life! As usual I pressed them why cause that’s what I do best! Shit ain’t go as planned! “Casualties of a dice game”! Who asked “What type time I’m on?” Ya wife timeline is what I’m on! The Black Stretch Armstrong of the streets pressed back! He must of bet the bank and lost cause he was vexed! Reach like Jon Jones, I’ll give em that but his punching power empty just like his pockets #crapped out! My slip and dip game vicious though just ask ya’ll honey bunnies! Don’t get it twisted never been sweet and never been afraid to tussle! Just like life you gotta roll with the punches #lightwork! Got him off me easily!

Below is the Ultimate Tyrone Vine Compilation so you can see more of his risky shenanigans:

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