Watch mysterious ‘alien spaceship’ being towed by trucks near secret Area 51 base


An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. This old footage is being questioned again as people are asking – is this a real UFO being moved publicly? You will have to make the final decision for yourself but here is the information we currently gathered:

Accompanied by a police escort, the truck is seen driving past a petrol station in Nevada with the strange disk-shaped object strapped to its trailer.  many viewers have already been speculating as to what the strange structure could be, with some believing it may be an alien spaceship.  YouTubeUFO being towedSpotted: The mysterious object was caught on camera as it was towed near Area 51.  One commentator suggested that the operation looked very suspicious – since over-sized loads are usually required to be transported during business hours.  But others rubbished the claims, arguing: “That’s not a ufo it’s a b-2 stealth drone.”
The clip, which has been uploaded to has racked up 229,869 views.   YouTubeUFO being towedEscort: The strange object was being transported by a truck and numerous emergency service vehicles.  According to the filmmaker, the video was recorded in 2013 near to Area 51 – a site rumoured to be a top secret base where authorities met to study and even dissect alien life forms.

Watch mysterious ‘alien spaceship’ being towed by trucks near secret Area 51 base


What do you think? Real of Rubbish?

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