We have turned Thursday into Twerk day because watching girls gyrate and shake their rear end to music is awesome. Women have been twerking since the begining of time but they used to call it something else. It was probably like a mating dance or something. In recent times and thanks to Youtube and Instagram, you no longer have to go to the club to see thrusting hip movements and a low squatting badonkadonk. Now you just power up the laptop and you have endless twerk videos and twerking gifs at your disposal. Below we have the different categories of Twerking so you have a deeper understanding of it’s artistic expression.

First Up We Have What We Call “The Thickness”

Next Is “The Professional”

It’s Not Over Because We Still Have “The Twerk Dance Squads”

And last but not least “The Hot Model Who Wants In On The Views So She Shall Put Forth Her Best Effort”

For Further Social Proof Enjoy Some Twerking Gifs:

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Hands Down This Is Still The Very Best Twerk Video Ever To Hit The Web!