Japanese Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Replica Watches Out Of PAPER!

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Japanese artist Manabu Kosaka has an extremely unique skill. He can transform paper into unbelievably detailed replica watches. While most people would rely on a 3D printer for such detailed work, Manabu creates his masterpieces by hand.



You are probably wondering, how in the world does he create the above by hand? Our answer is a lot of patience and practice.  First Manabu must draw the design on a sheet of Kent paper, and then using simple tools such as glue, dremels, an Xacto knife he fine tunes his work.  He relies on tweezers to place the small pieces in just the right position.



Mr. Kosaka told Spotlight Media that he has been making these incredible Kent paper replicas for the last 15 years. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect. Manabu has replicated some of the most iconic watch brands on the market. From Rolex to Frank Muller, and even the classic Casio G-Shock are listed on his Instagram. However don’t think of him as a one trick pony because his paper creations don’t stop at just watches. He has even created wallets, an iPhone, and a lighter all out of paper.

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