During a Russian medieval reenactment festival one actor showcased his spear throwing skills.  A man dressed as an ancient Russian warrior noticed a drone flying overhead. The man decided to take it upon himself and get rid of the historically inconsistent device. You can see him nail the drone with pinpoint accuracy in the video below. “The lance was not a fighting weapon, it had a softened tip,” one of the organizers of the international festival of historical reconstruction Rusborg 2016, Pavel Semyonov, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “Therefore the quadcopter was not destroyed, it just dropped to the ground.”

The annual Rusborg festival focused on early medieval historical reenactment has been taking place in the Lipetsk region since 2005. This year, teams from some 30 Russian regions, as well as participants from foreign countries, have been competing in a number of challenges: Traditional fighting, archery and javelin-throwing activities take place, while master classes on crafts, sports and other competitions are also offered.  I hope he won something for his impeccable aim.