Laugh To Keep From Crying. Monday’s Funny Picture Blend #470

The Infamous Funny Picture Dump17

Who ever put that sticker on this paper towel machine – I owe you a drink. When you watch someone yelling “paper towel now!” as you are washing your hands it is priceless. ?? We have another week ahead of us fellas. I’m gonna be with you every step of the way. So let’s get this sh*tshow started…


“I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: it’s called an eraser.” RIP Arnold Palmer


27 Always


Tough Times Don’t Last

30 Let’s give this man a round of applause for this photo.

13181309_1611350569184075_573719412_n Good Morning

26Keeping things spicy


??? well played sir

23 Very True

21 Why T Pain..why?

19Brant, coming from a non smoker – You need weed in your life

18 How I feel this morning

25 That smile

14Now she can gain back all the weight she lost

13 I need this in my life

12 Keeping it real

3To each his own.

8 I hate the dentist but they seem to enjoy their line of work. Sadists.

16 Yes please

15 10 This Guy

5 Her parents must be proud

6 Always

9 Aliens know what’s up.



7 Someones in trouble

11 I won’t tell. It’s been fun gents. But we got Monday coming at us like…


Carpe Diem