Learn A Little More About The “Glute Master”, Katya Elise Henry (8 pics + 2 gifs)

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Fitness Queen Katya

Katya Elise Henry is a American fitness model, personal trainer, and social media celebrity. She’s an inspiration to girls (and guys) all over the world. When it comes to building a booty she has built one of the best.

After sticking to a structured workout, and diet plan, Katya began to notice serious changes in her appearance. This is when she started posting images of her improving physique online. She realized how motivational these pictures were for people, which inspired her to become a personal trainer – further improving her skills in the gym.

Fast forward to today, and Katya has surpassed all of her goals; she’s created her ideal beach body, become a fitness entrepreneur, and along the way, attracted a large fan base on social media.

Katya enjoyed seeing this progress so much, that it inspired her to train friends and family – improving their bodies in the gym. After hearing positive feedback, she was inspired to follow this passion, seeing personal training as her new career goal.

Katya said “seeing progress in others is even more satisfying than seeing my own progress!”. She enjoyed all aspects of the personal trainer lifestyle; staying fit, making new friends, and teaching techniques.

To maintain Katya’s physique, she trains 4-days a week. As she has called herself “the glute master,” she focuses her routine heavily on this area, but also fits in abdominal workouts and upper body exercises where she can.

If you’re ever struggling to achieve your fitness goals, just like Katya in the beginning, by taking inspiration from her story, and following her ethos of ‘hard work pays off’ – you too could make your goals into a reality.


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