Learn How This Simple Instagram Picture Destroyed A Marriage!

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Cheating Husband Exposed By Instagram Pictures - Yulia Agranovych


The picture above may seem innocuous to me and you but it’s not from OUR WINDOW.  The simple pic was noticed by Yulia Agranovych, who recognized it as the view from her bedroom window. The only problem was – the photo was on another woman’s Instagram account!


Cheating Husband Exposed By Instagram Pictures - Yulia Agranovych
Yulia Agranovych


Yulia Agranovych is a former model turned pediatric dentist from St. Petersburg.  She was browsing her Instagram feed like most people do,  when she noticed the familiar sight.  However the picture was posted on the Instagram account of  Vlada Abramovich.


This sent Yulia into detective mode. She scoured Vlada’s page and found multiple images of her husband, Nazar Grynko.  After gathering enough evidence she confronted her husband about the pictures.  He lied at first but eventually relented and explained that he had been unfaithful multiple times.


Cheating Husband Exposed By Instagram Pictures - Yulia Agranovych
Vlada Abramovich (Photo: Instagram)


At this point Yulia decided to confront the other woman (Valda), who immediately set her IG page to private.  After being pestered enough, Vlada finally released a public statement. She had this to say about the situation;  “She is his wife, not mine, what’s the problem? Is he just a vegetable without free will? Don’t make me laugh.”.    Yeah, she didn’t give a single fu*k.


Yulia is planning to divorce her husband and had this to say:

“I hope to do it quickly… such people never change. If he finds a woman who is ready to be with him, and to accept it, let them be happy together. I’m so glad I got to know about it now and not when I became pregnant, for example, because we were planning to have a family. Or when I was 40 and we have three kids.  Thank you, Vlada Abramovich – you are an experienced woman who taught me a good lesson.”


Good luck Yulia. Social media is changing the landscape out here folks. Feel free to chime in down below…