Lisa Marie Presley Tells Court She is $16 Million in Debt. Here’s How That Breaks Down

Lisa Marie Presley $16 million debt

You’d would think the only living child of Elvis Presley would wake up and roll around in money every day but apparently that isn’t the case. Lisa Marie Presley just told a court judge that she is $16 million in debt. 50 Year-Old Presley’s finances were revealed during her divorce filing with Michael Lockwood. Here’s how her debt breaks down.


-$10 million in back taxes

-$6 million mortgage for her United Kingdom home

Lisa Marie Presley UK home

– $47,800 in credit card bills

-$10,000 or so owed to attorneys

Now here’s what Lisa Marie Presley actually earns monthly:

– $4,361 from her late father’s estate

-$100,000 in dividends and interest from investments

-$120,000 a month to cover mortgage payments, rent, food for herself and her 3 children including actress Riley Keough, utilities, attorney fees and credit card debt.

Looks like someone needs to get a better business manager and a job.