LMAO: UFC’s Cody Garbrandt Gets Pissed Off After Being Kicked In The Face By Jean-Claude Van Damme


Ahh man this gave me a good laugh. It’s easy to understand Cody Garbrandt’s anger after getting clipped in the face by Jean-Claude Van Damme’s foot.  That being said – it’s still funny as fuck.  Jean-Claude was doing way to much during this extremely light spar.


The footage shows Van Damme – who is known for his martial arts action movies – toying with the 11-1 brawler. He feints several blows but then suddenly connects a kick to Garbrandt’s face. The surprise move clearly makes the 26-year-old angry and he can be seen gesturing to his face.

Van Damme is 57-year-old and a second dan black belt in karate, but the moment was a big shock to the UFC star, who admitted after the incident he had seen red.

Garbrandt claims that Van Damme – who has recently graced British screens in advertising campaigns for Coors Light – started crying after the ill-timed kick