LOL: Bacon-Scented Patch Wants to Help Vegans Resist Meat Cravings

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This Bacon Scented Patch Is Just Weird

If I see anyone wearing this in public, I am throwing a piece of bacon directly in their face. Yes, I do carry bacon around with me 24/7 and I find that completely normal.

A professor of experimental psychology recently unveiled a wearable patch infused with bacon flavor that is supposed to help curb meat cravings.

Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, teamed up with plant-based food company Strong Roots to create a patch that, when scratched, produces a smell similar to that of cooked bacon. The idea behind this strange invention is that the human mind is connected to our senses of taste and smell, and that certain smells can significantly reduce food cravings.

This is absolutely ridiculous but welcome to 2020 where people will walk around smelling like meat in order to avoid eating meat.

Dubbed the world’s first meat patch, Spence’s weird creation is supposed to be worn like a nicotine patch, only instead of slowly releasing nicotine into the wearer’s body, it’s supposed to be scratched for an instant olfactory dose of bacon. Likely wearers include lifelong meat-eaters trying to go vegan, but struggling with cravings (or fools).