Longboarder hits deer while riding in the Ozarks


Longboarding is fun but it comes with an assortment of danger you have to be prepared for. It’s not like you can just stop on a dime, so cars and  potholes are things to be avoided if you want to walk away intact.  This longboarder came across and obstacle of a different nature when a deer hopped out in front of him. Luckily it seems they both walked away with a couple of scrapes but no serious injury. Check out the footage below:

Shot during the first run of the shoot featuring FC Team longboader, Jared Henry. Before this run, the sun was setting and the air was getting colder by the minute. Because of this Jared threw on his Local Dave button-down before he started his ride. It was a clutch idea because minutes later he was sliding on pavement on his stomach at 40 MPH.