Magazine Refuses To Publish Photos of Nina Agdal Because of Her Size

Nina Agdal topless



Nina Agdal Too Fat?


Nina Agdal, the mega babe model, is revealing that a magazine refused to published the shoot they did with her because they said she was too fat. Say what?


Agdal posted this topless photo above with the caption, “Today, I’m disappointed and appalled at the still very harsh reality of this industry. When my agent received an unapologetic email concluding they would not run my cover/story because it ‘did not reflect well on my talent’ and ‘did not fit their market,’ the publisher claimed my look deviated from my portfolio and that I did not fit into the (sample size) samples, which is completely false.”


nina agdal nude



While we think Nina Agdal is hot at any size the star and former Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend said, “I am not built as a runway model and have never been stick thin. Now more than ever, I embrace my curves and work diligently in the gym to stay strong and most of all, sane,” she wrote. “I am proud to say that my body has evolved from when I started this crazy ride as a 16 year old GIRL with unhealthy and insufficient eating habits.”


nina agdal topless


While some people in the fashion industry have taken strides to put a stop to unhealthy images by requiring a minimum weight and age for fashion show shows this news takes a step back. Agdal did not name the magazine publisher but we hope they take another look at this beauty.


Nina Agdal bikini