Man Minding His Own Business, Walking His Dog, Ends Up In The Middle Of Massive Bar Brawl!!

Bars should start installing Octagon rings in their establishment. This way they can live stream the inevitable drunk fights that are bound to happen. It would open up new revenue streams for them. Why let the CCTV’s of the world catch all the fun. Read below and then hit play to see the fisticuffs.

Norwood, OH – A brutal brawl near a local bar sent one man to the hospital with multiple injuries and landed five people in jail. According to police, unreleased video surveillance at The Wood Bar in Norwood showed exactly what lead up to the full-blown brawl. Police said Steve Keith, 48, was outside the bar when he witnessed a man hitting a woman. When he stepped in to break up the dispute, he was assaulted by the man and then attacked by a group.

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