Another Monday has rolled around and we don’t give a F—; you know why? Because we are Thrill Blenders, mixing it up with life and coming out on top. 2015 will bring one of our favorite shows to the big screen – Entourage! Today’s Monday Man Up is anchored by our favorite fictional (loosely based) character Ari Gold (Entourage). The  bad ass Hollywood agent that you would want in your corner negotiating for you and as your bro to hit you with some words of encouragement when you need them. He is definitely a Thrill Blender. Ari’s character is based in part on the real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, who broke away from mega-agency ICM to form the Endeavor Talent Agency, which represents such stars as Vin Diesel and Larry David, both of whom are represented on the show by the fictional Ari Gold. Likewise, both Emanuel and Gold represent series producer Mark Wahlberg, upon whose experiences in Hollywood the series (Entourage) is loosely based. Ari Emanuel also once represented Jeremy Piven himself, and in an interview on the special features of the Season 3 Part 2 DVD, Entourage creator Doug Ellin says that Ari Emanuel demanded the “Ari Gold” part be cast to Piven and wouldn’t accept anyone else to play him.  The following images are here to get you revved up for the week ahead. Get up, go out and conquer but first let’s hug it out bitch and let the thrills begin:

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mon5 mon8


mon13 mon9 mon10

mon11 mon4 mon15

mon12 arigold3 mon14

mon16 mon17 mon19 mon18 mon20 mon21 mon22

Ok ladies and gents, I hope these pics put a little hair on your chest ( not for the ladies of course, unless you want hair). It’s a new week let’s get out into the world and channel our inner Ari!


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