Meanwhile In Mexico – Training A Kiddie Militia!

Local police are teaching children as young as five how to fight drug gangs in a criminal Mexican state.

Chilling photographs show children preparing to take part in a training demonstration in the village of Ayahualtempa in southwestern Guerrero state.

The demonstration on Saturday was led by the Regional Coordinator for Community Authorities (CRAC-PF), a community police run by local indigenous people.


With caps and neckerchiefs tied around their faces, boys march through the village, the army crawls on the ground, gets into and out of pickup trucks.

Older boys are armed with rifles, and boys under 12 are holding sticks and toy pistols instead of real ones. 

These images are the latest to depict child soldiers at Ayahualtempe after a spike in violence in the Guerrero Mountains prompted men to enlist their sons to protect the village.

More than two years after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came to power on promises to reduce rapid levels of violence, the lives of many Mexicans have only become more dangerous.

The most brutal year in the country’s history came in 2019, when more than 34,000 people were killed across the country.

It is not yet clear if the pandemic has affected the 2020 numbers. 2020 was supposed to surpass the previous year, with 17,493 murders in the first six months.

Growing violence and the lack of an effective police service have prompted some, such as the residents of Ayahualtema, to take security measures into their own hands.

The adult organizers of the group said that the children need to be armed to protect the community from drug-bardins.

ome have accused the police of having links with a rival cartel known as Los Rojos.

Others have also accused the group of using children as a media gimmick.

Leaders say anything that draws attention to the situation is beneficial, but they say children’s help is needed to protect the village.


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