Meek Mill officially throws in the towel on his rap beef with Drake and nobody is mad at him.  Meek has taken a public lashing ever since outing the 6 god a.k.a Drake for not writing his own lyrics. It was a legit gripe but the public didn’t stand with meek because of the way he voiced his opinion (twitter) or his diss track to follow. Instead, Drake somehow came out of the situation unscathed and lauded for his response tracks. Yes, the guy who was accused of getting pissed on came out of this war of words as the winner.  Now Meek Mill has taken his diss track “Wanna Know” off of SoundCloud just a little over a week after dropping it. It has to do with the use of WWE wrestler Undertaker’s theme song that was used in the track. Meek went on to state the following in a now deleted instagram post:

 “I’m not entertaining no rap/real beef over Drake [shouting out] a rapper,”

“Leave all that murder one s**t in the streets if you tryna get rich and make it out! All this killer s**t on social media is like walking ya self into prison and that ain’t my lifestyle and don’t really make sense to me.” 


The post was soon deleted but @iamakademics was quick to screenshot it.  Although the post was deleted it seems like Meek was taking the right steps to put this crap behind him. Unfortunately he then put up another picture with himself and a young man named PJ which said “Pj grinding me up telling me to go innnnnnnn lol I got you pj! “, hopefully he isn’t backpeddling already. Move forward with your career and don’t chase that beef Meek.


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