Mistakes Were Made And We Got Lucky. Unique History Of 7 Foods.

Ever wonder how certain foods were invented? Check out seven foods (and drinks) that were invented almost by accident.

history of foods



According to one version , the cheese sticks were originally food for animals! In the 1930s, Edward Wilson of a Wisconsin partially cooked animal feed company decided to try the popcorn sticks himself and, adding seasoning, realized that they weren’t really all that bad.

Wilson decided that the sticks could make a decent snack. Later, the founders of the Flakall Corporation, in which he worked, patented the product – now it is produced under various names by more than 100 companies.


history of foods


An urban snack legend tells of Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya Garcia, who was working in a kitchen in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, when a company of American military wives from a nearby base walked past a restaurant looking for a snack.

Since the chef had gone off somewhere, Ignacio filled several tortillas with cheese and jalapenos and called the dish Nachos especiales. Now it is popular all over the world! And last year it celebrated its 124th birthday – a drawing from Google Doodle was dedicated to this event . Eventually Ignacio Nacho opened his own restaurant. 


history of foods


One of the tastiest desserts in the United States is said to have been invented by Fanny Farmer , who simply decided to bake chocolate chip cookies in a rectangular shape. Another legend tells of a cook who accidentally added a lot of melted chocolate to the dough. 


history of foods


Worcestershire sauce

You may not be able to pronounce its name the first time, but chances are you are using it as a condiment that brings out the flavor of the dish to its advantage. One of the versions says that it was first invented by chemists John Wheeler Lee and William Perrins at the request of the governor of Bengal according to a recipe brought from Asia.

They made two batches as they were very confused by the fuss about the sauce, but they didn’t appreciate the taste! They put it away – like anything unnecessary – and when they tried it again after a while, they instantly felt the potential of a new food product that went on sale in 1837. Fun fact: the original recipe is still a secret!


history of foods


In the 1940s, Italian baker Pietro Ferrero tried to create an alternative to chocolate due to its scarcity during World War II . He had no idea that by mixing hazelnuts, sugar and a pinch of cocoa, he would get a new sweet “drug”. 


history of foods


And for the beer, we should thank the people of Mesopotamia , who were annoyed 6,000 years ago by the fact that the grains they stored for the production of bread became wet, began to ferment and turn into liquid under the influence of loose yeast in the air.

They soon realized that there was no point in ignoring the process of creating the drink, which is now one of the oldest ever produced by humans. The earliest evidence for the existence of beer shows that people enjoyed the drink through a red straw from a huge communal bowl. Cheers! 

history of foods


Coca Cola

When John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta in 1885, the drink was meant to be medicine. Pemberton promoted it as a drink that “tones up the brain and intellect,” keeping the recipe a secret but not hiding the fact that it contains cocaine extracted from coca leaves and caffeine from cola nuts.

Hence the name – Coca-Cola. And it was during Prohibition that Coca-Cola became popular as a “non-alcoholic” drink, as people enjoyed its taste (without cocaine, of course). 

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