Model Goes Nude During The Morning Commute To Shake Up “The Script System”

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“The Script System”



Model Milo Moire is a Swiss performance artist, psychologist and painter who lives in Dusseldorf. She is also a woman who is not afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin. She uses her nudity as an artistic way to have a confrontation about subject matter. Maybe it’s better if she explains:

The performance “The Script System” is inspired by the script theory of cognitive psychology. Each of us knows these scripts (eg restaurant script), recurrent, stereotyped action sequences, after which we work every day. Especially early in the morning on the way to work, we work almost automatically, often without awareness of our environment. These everyday blindness I wanted to break through my performance. The Invisible (Invisible or become) make visible distribute such disorders as spores for a liberating thought.

Umm OK. I get it..I think. But let me watch  the video a couple of times to drive the point home…