That Monday Morning Subway Commute Is Hella Entertaining…

Subway Commute Horrors


I finally moved away from NYC. It took me forever to leave my birthplace. Some days I really miss it BUT you know what I never miss? The Subway. Check out some all too familiar subway occurrences. It truly is a sh*t show.

subway-commute-horrors-22 Lady, please chill with your “pets”subway-commute-horrors-21Thank you for letting us know
subway-commute-horrors-20 Cocaine is a hell of a drugsubway-commute-horrors-19

Nothing beats subway artsubway-commute-horrors-18 Comfy?subway-commute-horrors-17shedding?
subway-commute-horrors-16 Turntsubway-commute-horrors-15Bruh, do something about those knees.
subway-commute-horrors-14 SMHsubway-commute-horrors-13 really..REALLY subway-commute-horrors-12Crack is wack

subway-commute-horrors-11 subway-commute-horrors-10 The worst superhero disguise ever ? ? subway-commute-horrors-9 What year are we in?subway-commute-horrors-8 Should have taken a cab ladiessubway-commute-horrors-7

? ? ? ?

Anything to survive the commute

subway-commute-horrors-6 subway-commute-horrors-5 subway-commute-horrors-4 He looks way to comfortablesubway-commute-horrors-3
subway-commute-horrors-2It’s about to go down

His version of yoga ? and finally this acrobat..