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DAN BILZERIAN REPRESENTS FREEDOM..and who doesn’t want that?

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a man hated by some, admired by others, and known by all. If you are wondering who Dan Bilzerian is?  Who are you, and what rock did you crawl out from under? Let’s just assume this is the first time you have ever logged on to the internet. First – Hi.  Second – Dan Bilzerian is the man. You can choose which side of the rails you are on later (love him or hate him). For now sit back and scroll while we explain to you why we feel Dan Bilzerian is pretty bad ass.

dan bilzerian

There is one common thread that runs through most men. We want to be the leader of the pack, the alpha, the guy who gets what he wants to the envy of others. Dan Bilzerian is able to accomplish that with a flair that most envy and some congratulate. Known on social media as the “Playboy King of Instagram,” he burst onto the scene giving men everywhere a peek into his life of excess. The girls, guns, gambling, were on full display and it led to a 7.2 million following (at time of writing this). No matter what your personal opinion, this dude does what he wants and does it at  a level most couldn’t survive.

dan bilzerian

At the end of the day, money is freedom because when you got a lot of money, you can do whatever you want,” he told the online publication All In Magazine, in a video posted on YouTube (below). “Some people envy it. Some people resent it. Some people don’t understand it.

So who is Dan Bilzerian? He is your inner imp come to life.  Bilzerian’s roots start in the Bay Area with his father, Paul Bilzerian, who made a fortune in corporate takeovers and lived in a massive mansion, roughly 30,000 square feet, in the upscale Tampa community, Avila. Paul Bilzerian however found himself on the wrong side of the law, convicted of federal conspiracy and tax fraud in the 1980s. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Paul is now in his mid-60s and lives in “voluntary exile” on a Caribbean island. So this is the man who brought the wild child into this world and there is more about the legend before the legend.  “Twenty-five years after Mr. Bilzerian  became a Wall Street felon, the Securities and Exchange Commission is quitting the fight, winding down its quest to collect a $62 million civil judgment against him for securities fraud,” the Journal reported. “The tally from a court-appointed SEC receiver: about $3.7 million collected, and $8.6 million spent in the effort to collect.”Paul Bilzerian fought the U.S. govt  to clear his name for more than two decades. He reportedly left millions for his son, who says he has earned $50 million in poker winnings. So his pops was able to give him quite a nest egg and is a serious fighter, taking on the govt is no easy feat. So we can see where Dan got his financial start on his quest to become the most interesting man in the world and then gambling padded those funds.

dan bilzerian

dan bilzerian3

So what does he do with his funds. Anything he wants. Dan has bought his way into a couple of flicks like “Olympus Has Fallen”, “Lone Survivor”, “The Other Woman”, and “Equalizer”. He is also a venture capitalist and the co-founder of a company called Victory Poker. Mostly he seems to just have a ton of fun. Can you blame him? If you were worth $100 million what would you do? You read that right Dan Bilzerian is worth $100 million dollars! Is it the money or the beard you think the chicks dig? No need to answer, we know it’s the money and for some reason we don’t care and I don’t think he does either. If you got it, flaunt it.

dan bilzerian

dan bilzerian

dan bilzerian

dan bilzerian

Dan has definitely had his fair share of legal trouble. These things come with the territory though.  A face kick lawsuit, throwing a porn star off a roof didn’t go so well (who knew -but he was recently cleared of wrong doing),  and let’s not forget the bomb charge ( yeah he likes to blow things up). However he always responds with a jubilant response like ‘Jail…let’s not do that again,’ he wrote, along with a picture of him lying in a private jet under blankets with two models. When your wealthy all your problems can be handled with a check or two or three.

dan bilzerian

So let’s sum things up about Dan the man Bilzerian. He is without a doubt an instagram icon and a social media force to be reckoned with. Take away that and he is still rich as fu*k. Money doesn’t mean everything BUT it does mean you can do almost everything you want. He has freedom and that alone is what we all dream of. So for that, we have to salute the man. Maybe his lifestyle is not what you would do, or what you like but so what – it’s his life.  Just in case you’re still not convinced the man is a bad ass; here is our final 3 points:


He was enlisted in the Navy for 4 years where he spent 510 days going through gruelling Navy SEAL training but a few weeks before graduation he got kicked out of the program after having a dispute with one of his administration officers which lead to him being honourably discharged. He then enrolled in the University of Florida where he majored in Business and Criminology.

 dan bilzerian




    The dude has won over 50 million dollars through poker playing alone, and with a notable win of 10.8 million dollars in a single night. Can you imagine winning 10.8 million in one night? That right there is enough to make most people lose their minds.

Dan Bilzerian is definitely a Thrill Blender.




dan bilzerian

dan bilzerian

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