Morgan Hultgren is Thrilling

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Of course this guy Dan Bilzerian would be hanging out with what might be the most dangerous and hottest girl on instagram. Morgan Hultgreen has mastered the art of taking every possible selfie angle you can imagine and as a result she has over 1 million followers who wait with eyes wide open for her next post. The Swedish Killer runs what is the equivalent of a bikini starbucks with a bunch of bad beauties by her side. I don’t know about you but I would get even the worst tasting cup of java if it’s served up by this babe (and yes I will take milk with my coffee).  Check out some of the hottest instagram pictures we gathered from this bikini barista below:

10843993_456793544477100_619338035_n 10848213_288248954632645_1131957659_n 10903605_898039850246515_758113770_n 10919304_905470732827021_1241709655_n 10948927_1584984898405656_905788740_n 10950418_862127210504683_1832252864_n

10953634_1411930389102948_1322511970_n 10953901_934485973251222_1743947773_n 10954420_1534979696752194_589643362_n 10957312_924784240887579_2036273959_n 10957376_927367390630990_1598127830_n 10958661_443184189167359_289429285_n 10979603_683868575054795_161704897_n 10986124_1395524454089446_1087820095_n 10995073_909215802464054_336780953_n 11005017_1557383754542148_884132594_n 11008115_1549814568600115_1907224943_n 11008224_1412562275712904_1889076553_n 11008370_330355340503187_661540762_n 11024120_1070090816351095_1101165937_n 11049137_642043562609138_1805367371_n

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