Mother Spends $245,000 For ‘Plastic Perfection’

The Barbie Mum

Crazy or self hate? You be the judge.

Amanda Love claims plastic is her passion and has spent over £200,000 to perfect her Barbie doll look. Amanda, 39, has had three boob jobs and is planning another to inflate her boobs to a massive 30MM. Spending approximately £11,500 a year on her extensive beauty regime, Amanda also has regular Botox injections and fillers every three months and frequently gets her lips pumped with collagen. Looking significantly younger than her 39 years, it’s hard to believe Amanda is mum to four children Tegan, 18, from a previous relationship and then Logan, 14, Cruz, 7 and one-year-old Cash with her second husband crane operator Paul Sweeney.

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