Muggings Are So Bad In Mexico That Mexicans Are Now Carrying Fake Phones To Hand Over When Robbed

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mexicans are buying fake phones to hand over during muggings


Mexico City has a serious mugging problem. Things have gotten so bad that people are now purchasing fake smartphones to hand over to criminals during any robbery attempt.  The data is scary for Mexican City residents as it shows there were an average of 70 violent reported muggings in the Mexican capital in the first four months of 2019.


Since the local police can’t curb the rising tide of crime the people have taken a different approach. They are now buying dummy smartphones that cost between 300 and 500 Mexican pesos – $15 and $25 – that look exactly like the real thing.  They have all the design and branding of their original working counterparts.


“It’s useful for robberies, the large number of muggings happening in Mexico City,” Axel, a smartphone dummy seller told The Associated Press. “They say ‘hand over your cellphone, give me everything’, and people know now they have to hand over the phone quick, in a matter of seconds, so they hand over these phones and often the thieves don’t realize it.”


Learn more about the problem in thevideo below:


Here in the states you are more likely to get scammed buying a fake phone: