Check Out Netflix’s Secret Selections (Categories) And How To Access Them!

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Netflix's Secret Selections (Categories) And How To Access Them
Calling all Netflix junkies! We are about to help you make your browsing a hell of a lot more interesting.

Most of us are aware of Netflix’s main categories, however did you know they also have a huge list of sub-categories and genres that you can search – if you know the codes?

Here are the details:
If you’re using Netflix through a browser, visit and replace the ‘XXX’ at the end with one of the number codes in the chart below and then you will be able to browse titles in a more specific sub-category.

For those that are using Netflix on an app or gaming console, simply enter the name of one of the sub-categories below into the search box and boom.

What I do is just search sub categories and genres with a web browser, and then add those titles of interest to my ‘favourites/watch’ list so I can find them again when i’m ready.


Netflix Secret Category Codes Lists