New Crash Test Dummies Model Obese and Elderly Drivers

Times change, people change, and so do crash test dummies.

Makers of the crash test dummy have called for a complete makeunder of the 50-year-old vehicular testing device to better mold to the average American’s size.

Christopher O’Conner, CEO of Michigan-based anthropomorphic device design company Humanetics, said in recent years the manufacturer has altered the makeup of the dummy to be “100 pounds heavier” standing a “few inches taller,” compared to the original 5-foot-9, 170-pound tester.

“We have found that obese people, elderly people, people who don’t fit the exact size and shape are more at risk in a vehicle right now,” O’Conner told CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave. “Auto safety is based on what we measure. We need to have a test device that reflects that growing population change.”