New Fetish Alert: Watch Kate Ovens Devour A 3ft Hotdog


The title pretty much sums this one up but in case you need more info:

The “BFD” was no big deal for foodie Kate Ovens. Watch as she eats a 3-foot-long hot dog in the clip above.  The dog was made by Oh My Dog! at Fourpure Brewery in London, England, the oversize hot dog is topped with cheese and five types of bacon. Kate was made by her parents and she’s topped with blonde hair, a great personality and a voracious appetite.


Who is Kate Ovens?

Via her Youtube page she is just a regular woman who does those ‘ManVsFood’ challenges.  You can find her below:

Facebook page –

Instagram – kate.ovens 

Snapchat – kovens12 

Twitter – @kateovens


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